Pre-qualified, move-ready renters, at scale.

So you can focus on landlords, not just applicants

A checklist of the extensive qualification process that Homie Qualified Renters are put through

Extensive qualification

We exhaustively qualify each applicant for budget, needs and documentation, saving you precious time and money.

A speed gauge showing the efficiency and pace of the process

Streamlined process

We join these Homie Qualified Renters (HQR) on tour, eliminating the risk of no-shows while increasing your efficiency.

A pile of renter profiles, the backlog of potential Homie Qualified Renters available to estate agents

Scalable supply

Our HQRs are completely up to speed on what is required of them, including documentation.

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What makes a Homie Qualified Renter?

A diamond stone demonstrating the value of the high net worth individuals that targets

High budget

We accurately target renters to match your best stock. The average budget is £700 pw, meaning higher average commissions for you.

A lightening bolt that demonstrates the speed in which Homie Qualified Renters typically move

Moving in 4-6 weeks

Our renters are ready to move in, increasing your efficiency and allowing you to exceed branch targets.

The checklist of documentation that Homie Qualified Renters are given to ensure they are ready to rent

Documentation ready

Whether it's a student’s acceptance letter, holding deposit or guarantor details, our renters will have it ready.

An easy process, for both you and renters


Lead qualification

Applicants sign up to Homie and are qualified for budget, area, right to rent and move in date. We work with every HQR to set clear expectations on the process, so there are no surprises.


Assisted viewings

If applicants choose to view your properties, one of our account managers will join them on viewing, to minimise drop-outs. All you have to do is open the door.


Offer support

Once the HQR’s offer has been accepted, we connect them with the relevant estate agent, fully prepared and with all necessary documentation. Nothing’s left to chance.

What our partner agents say

JLL Knightsbridge have been working with Homie now for over two years and have always been a pleasure to deal with! I recommend them to all other agents as they make the process streamlined, and applicants are always very well prepared.

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    Hamptons Kensington

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    JLL Knightsbridge

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    Carter Jonas Marylebone

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    Chestertons South Kensington

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    Savills Islington

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    Garter Jones Nine Elms

Our packages


Qualified tenants


Basic Plan Benefit

Right to rent checks

Assisted viewings

Offer management

Post-offer care


Silver Plan Benefits

Guarantor security

Keys management

Property feedback

Agency Prioritisation

Tenant replacement guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Where does Homie find its leads?

We use sophisticated digital advertising strategies to target people that want to move in London by geo-location, income level and interests.

How many leads does Homie get every month?

Thousands of applicants register to use our service each month. However, those that get through to you are ‘Homie Qualified Renters’, which means that they are checked and verified, move-ready and have expressed a strong interest in your property.

How thoroughly does Homie qualify their leads?

It’s tough for a tenant to become a Homie Qualified Renter. They have to undertake a gruelling, detailed initial interview that 80% of them will fail to get through. We check income, search criteria, budget, move-in dates,documentation availability and more. No one that you initially take on a viewing will be better placed to proceed with a tenancy than a Homie Qualified Renter.

When is an applicant passed onto a letting agent?

Once an offer has been agreed by both parties, we send a confirmation email through to the agent and the tenant containing each other’s contact information. We then step back so you can get in touch to push the deal forward.

Does Homie get involved in the contract at all?

No. Unlike the old, traditional relocation services, Homie’s main driver is to make the entire process friction-free for everyone - the renter and the agent. We simply plug the successful tenant into your standard contract.

What is a Homie Qualified Renter (HQR)?

Homie Qualified Renters (HQRs) are tenants that have been through Homie's rigorous qualification process to ensure that they're the very best tenant for your landlord.

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A list of all the criteria a Homie Qualified Renter must meet before the applicant is passed to the estate agent

Extensive qualification

A speed dial representing the streamlined process of applicant sourcing provides estate agents

Streamlined process

A large pile of renter profiles, demonstrating the scalable supply provides estate agents

Scalable supply