02 Oct 18

Best areas to commute to Canary Wharf in under 30 min

If you are reading this it means you are still deciding where to live in London and you commute to Canary Wharf. We’re sure that you- like us- want it all: a short commute, a great apartment, good rent, and a lively area.  

By the end of this blog, you’ll be able to identify the best areas across London to live in London and commute to Canary Wharf in under 30 min.

Best areas to commute to Canary Wharf

To keep your commute short, the best thing to do is to:

  • Live close to work (duh)
  • Not have to do any/or few public transport transfers
  • Live close to the station

Thankfully, we’ve researched average rent and commute time to central London from all tube stations, and we can show you the best tube stations for your commute to Canary Wharf (and your pocket 💰):


Walking/short bus ride distance 🚶🚌

  • Canary Wharf: Journey time to work: Depends on how fast you walk! Yes, we know, obvious choice. It’s surprisingly affordable to live in such a central location and it means you get to walk to work! Win, win.
  • Whitechapel: Journey time to work: 15 minutes. You’ll have a great skyline view and amazing transport links anywhere in London. It’s a great area if you don’t want to live in the city but still have a key position AND being close to work.

Jubilee line – no changes needed! 🚇

  • Canada water or Bermondsey: Journey time to work: 5-10 minutes. A couple of stops away, these are lovely areas in the south of the Thames, perfect for foodies and for finding a new and stylish apartment in the middle of the city.
  • St John’s Wood or Baker street: Journey time to work: 30 minutes. Two historic neighbourhoods located just above central London. With a commute of just under 30 min, you’ll get to live in the real old and quirky London of Sherlock Holmes.

Central line – one change needed 🚇

  • QueenswayJourney time to work: 25 minutes. Want to live right in the heart of the city, 5 min walking to Hyde Park and 30 min walk to Oxford St? This is the location for you – ft amazing restaurant and picturesque streets.
  • Bethnal Green: Journey time to work: 25 minutes. Enjoy edgy and alternative East London whilst still being close to town. The best of all: your commute isn’t into central London – ‘rush hour’ will seem like an alien concept to you!
  • Shepherd’s bush: Journey time to work: 30 minutes. A great West London area close to Westfield shopping centre. You’ll be 20 min walking from the iconic Hammersmith riverside pubs and 15  away from busy central London.

The tube leaving Camden Town station, London

How do I choose between these great options?

It’s important that you know what you are looking for in the area where you live.

If you want a fast-paced area where everything is at hands reach then you are better off with something in the heart of the city.

If you are a city person but also need a place where you can relax and enjoy having a garden then you might be better off somewhere less busy but still well connected.


Plus, if you are thinking of moving soon, it’ll be good to know when to start searching for a home to rent (spolier alert: 6 weeks before you want to move)

Let us know on the chat (bottom right corner 👉) if you need any help with deciding where to live or visit our help centre for more useful articles.

Tune in next week to find out when is the best time to start looking for your next apartment!



Marina is Spanish and graduated in marketing and digital media in Edinburgh. She’s rented in London for almost three years and armed with this experience; she’s working to make the rental market a bit more transparent.

Marina Barreiro, homie.rent Marketing Executive is the author of this article.