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Best time of the year to rent in London

Whether you are moving to London for work or study, the first thing you are going to need is a place to stay, a home 😍🏠. Renting in London isn’t the easiest, and there isn’t always the same quantity and quality of homes on offer all year round. So what’s the best time of the year to rent in London?

Finding a flat to rent can be much easier during some months than others. Just remember when you should start your search early enough and you won’t have any problems.

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✅📆 The best time of the year to rent in London

In our experience, the sweet spot for renting is November & December. These months tend to be quiet for estate agents (so you won’t be too pressured into making a rushed decision). And there is still plenty of flats from which to choose so you may be able to negotiate the price 💸

If you don’t want to spend a cold winter in the capital as soon as you arrive, the next best time of the year to rent in London is at the beginning of the summer. May and June are very active months for estate agents and landlords, just before the crazy summer begins.


❌📆The trickiest time of the year to rent in London

The crown for the most challenging time of the year has to go to August and September. You will be flat hunting at the same time as around 100,000 returning students 😱👨‍🎓. It’s not as bad as it might sound: there are also many flats available at this time, but they get let quickly. You only need to dedicate it more time and make a decision fast before someone else snatches the one you want!


If you are not flexible on your move-in date (especially if you are a student!), there is no need to despair. Knowing where to look and where to find a helping hand will make your home hunt 10x easier.

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Next week on the Homie blog we will be breaking down the legal process for people moving to the UK from abroad.



Marina is Spanish and graduated in marketing and digital media in Edinburgh. She’s rented in London for almost three years and armed with this experience; she’s working to make the rental market a bit more transparent.

Marina Barreiro, homie.rent Marketing Executive is the author of this article.