21 Aug 18

How long does it take to find a flat in London?

If there is something that frustrates new and old Londoners alike, that is finding a new place to live. Renting a flat in London is a difficult and time-consuming task so knowing how long it takes to research and find a flat is the power you need to make your flat search efficient.

We’ve done our research and asked 1000 Londoners about their previous experiences looking for a new home in London. We found that following the traditional route, Londoners spend around 2 non-stopping, non-sleeping weeks of hard work to find a flat in London. Here’s the breakdown:

60% spent over 2 days researching just the area to live in

Deciding where you want to live is crucial as it directly affects the experience you have of the city. Two days is a lot of time, and that is a scarce resource for busy Londoners. 

Almost 40% did up to 10 viewings to find a flat

Although they might look good in pictures, the truth seems to be otherwise. Each viewing is around 1h including the trip, and 40% did up to 10 viewings. That takes us to up to 10h spent just on doing viewings before finding the one.

A young girl looking shocked at renting in London

50% of Londoners put 3-5 hours aside per week to view homes

That is almost a whole day of work off just to do viewings. If we add the time spent searching for flats, selecting the best, and organising the viewings, looking for a flat almost becomes a full-time job!

Princess Leia looking shocked at London renting

Luckily, there are tricks to do it faster. Proptech (property technology) is a new and growing industry that hopes to help renters take advantage of advances in technology. From making listings across agents more accessible to helping you find your new flat in only 3 days, it is definitely worth giving the new guys on the block a try when renting in London.

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Tune in next week for all you need to know about getting your security deposit back.


Marina is Spanish and graduated in marketing and digital media in Edinburgh. She’s rented in London for almost three years and armed with this experience; she’s working to make the rental market a bit more transparent.

Marina Barreiro, homie.rent Marketing Executive is the author of this article.